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DIGITRAX SDN136PS Standard 1 Amp Sound Decoder N Scale
SDN136PS Standard 1 Amp Sound Decoder N Scale Standard 8 Bit Sound at an Economical Price! Works for N and HO models Wired 8Bit Customizable SoundFX Decoder 3 Simultaneous Voices Selectable Generic Diesel & Steam Sounds Downloadable Sound 4 Megabit onboard sound memory 1.0 x 0.41 x .19 in. (25.6 x 10.46 x 4.93 mm) 8 Ohm 10 x 18 mm oval speaker 100uF Capacitor Accepts PX112-6 Power Xtender 1.0 Amp/2.0 Amps Peak Motor Current Rating 3 FX3 Functions-500mA Total Function Current Rating FX3 optimized for LEDs or lamps New Series 6 Features